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The moment our real estate team is selected to represent a client, we roll out the red carpet of real estate services. We are committed to providing all of our clients exceptional service which is why 95% of our business is based off referrals. Read what our clients are saying about us:


Buying or Selling a home is a stressful experience unless you work with the Riemer Residential team.

My wife and I have worked with Shannan and Chris on three real estate transactions, and in each case we have been 100% satisfied with the service. We bought two properties and sold one, and they are both great buyers’ and sellers’ agents.

The most recent transaction was the sale of our home. We followed their advice on how to stage the home and how to price it. We agreed on a price, but after doing additional research on the market, they advised us to INCREASE it by $25K. We listed the house on a Friday, and had three offers on Sunday afternoon. Buying or selling a home is a very stressful experience, but if you work with agents like Chris and Shannan, it’s much less so.

— William T.

Chris and Shannan Riemer are tremendously dedicated professionals.

Chris and Shannan Riemer of Riemer Residential are tremendously dedicated professionals who consistently demonstrate their expertise, integrity, and dependability. The close attention they pay to their clients’ needs and their extensive knowledge of the market are huge advantages to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

— Nancy M.

I loved working with Riemer Residential and highly recommend them to anybody who’s looking to buy or sell in the Austin area.

I loved working with Chris and Shannan. I highly recommend them to anyone who’s looking to buy or sell in the Austin area! I closed on my home about 9 months ago, and I still love it as much today as the day that I went to closing. I will definitely be using them in the future if I should decide to sell and/or buy again.

As a first-time home buyer, they were more than patient with all of my questions. Then, they asked questions of me that helped me narrow everything down and decide what I truly wanted… And we all know that getting a woman to make up her mind on what she wants can be nearly impossible sometimes! I think they knew better than I did even!

I was in no rush, so I wanted to not only find a house that I love but also the best deal. I was so set on getting a great deal that I expected the house-hunting process would take quite awhile. It took Chris and Shannan about two months, from The Beginning to That’s The One, to help me find the gem that I can now proudly say is my own little corner of the world.

Shannan set me up on their website with which I was able to get a better idea of all of the options available to me. I was able to track my favorite properties and decide which ones I wanted to look at in person. I could add notes to each property in which I was interested, what my favorite features were, what I disliked, my concerns, etc.

Chris not only took me to see every property on my list but also made sure to take me to a few that allowed me to broaden my horizons so I didn’t miss out on something great… And wouldn’t you know it? My house was one such house; it hadn’t even made my list!

The only thing I’d do differently if I could go back is to use their suggested lender that I had been working with initially. I spoke with several lenders and easily narrowed it down to their preferred lender and my own bank. In the end, I went with my own bank due to (what I thought would be) convenience, and it took the bank longer to process my loan application than it took the Riemers to help me find my Home.

Thank you, Chris and Shannan! I love My House! 🙂

— C.Lynn

Never did we feel like anything but their most important client.

There is no way to put into words how wonderful Shannan and Chris of Riemer Residential are. We have just moved from NY to the Austin area due to my husband’s work. This was a very long and stressful time for us. Our sale of our NY home was a disaster and we had our deal fall through a number of times out there, hence extending our search and making life very unpredictable for my young kids.

We must have looked at what seemed like 100 houses, made at least 4 house hunting trips due to the mess in NY extending our time frame. Each time we came out here Shannan and Chris welcomed us and treated us with kindness and concern.

Boy they know their stuff! They took the time to get to know us and our needs, read between the lines and a found place that would work overnight! They are the hardest working team! Never did we feel like we were anything but their most important client! Their wealth of knowledge of Austin and the surrounding areas overwhelmed me! They truly sold Austin to us in a major way. Their love for this area was infectious.

To sum up, if you are looking to find the perfect place, you must call them!

— Colleen V.

A veteran of the extremely fast-paced, high demand Central Austin market and will efficiently, effectively deliver your dream home.

Looking for your dream home? Want a realtor who truly listens to exactly what you want and delivers the complete package? Then Shannan Riemer, Riemer Residential, is just the person you need.

I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a home or real estate in the Austin market. She is a veteran of the extremely fast-paced, high demand Central Austin market and will efficiently, effectively deliver your dream home.

With a fast move and total ignorance of the Austin market, I was completely in Shannan’s expert hands. I was surprised and delighted when Shannan quickly got a feel for what I was looking for, and with minimum scoping, knew exactly what I wanted. We discussed my needs, and she immediately got the bigger picture – the intangible social, lifestyle, environmental feel that I wanted for my life in Austin.

Better yet, she tactfully gave me options away from neighborhoods I thought I wanted as an “outsider” to the city, but really were not ideal for me. Shannan delivered exactly what I wanted down to the last detail – and in prime Central Austin Real Estate territory!

Exceptional, five-star customer service levels and round-the-clock availability – not sure how she does it! But it’s just what you want when you are looking for the most important purchase in your life – your home that you share with friends, family and loved ones.

I had such peace of mind and complete trust knowing that Shannan was hunting relentlessly to find me my dream property while I had my hands full with a million other details regarding the move! It was such a comfort knowing that when things were getting “down to the wire” in my search, she wouldn’t stop looking until she found my perfect spot. Most importantly – Shannan Riemer really distinguishes herself from larger, cookie-cutter national realty chains by truly getting to know your unique needs and delivering as promised.

She has a true professional and personal passion to make her clients happy – a rare trait in any customer service profession these days. Happily settled in my new home, I am completely thrilled and can’t believe my luck in finding Shannan. Exceptional, perfect home that I would never have found without her. Everyone talks about their dream home – well, thanks to Shannan I got mine — and she can help you find yours, too. I can’t say enough good things about Shannan. I will use her for all my real estate needs going forward.

— Elizabeth

Did you know over 95% of our business comes from referrals?
We love working with our clients, and have created a feel-good business where you can comfortably send your friends, colleagues, and family. If you have been happy with our services, please consider referring others to us.